Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Building Permits

Why use Scout Services to pull permits?
At Scout Services, we help you obtain the licenses and permits you need to get your construction project up and running. We’ll save you time, money, and headaches and deliver fast results. It’s a win-win-win.

To alleviate the time-consuming process of obtaining construction permits and contractor license and registrations in order for our clients to be more productive and profitable.

Scout Services will be the go-to partner for contractors, developers and subcontractors for all their permit and licensing needs.
We will attract new and repeat business by providing superior customer service and delivering on time, every time. We will keep the client informed along the way and will ensure that the process is as fast, easy and seamless as possible.

Executive Team:
Our leaders have decades of experience helping clients acquire proper building permits, licenses, and registrations for a variety of projects. We’ve been through the complicated, frustrating process of obtaining the right permits for various jurisdictions – we feel your pain. We cut through the clutter to make the permitting and license registration experience less time consuming and more efficient. We are headquartered in Chicago and have field Scouts located throughout the United States.

Customer Advocate Team:
Each customer is assigned a customer advocate who will walk through the permitting and license registration process from start to finish. Our company culture centers on having a strong attention to detail and a positive attitude. We mitigate costly delays by keeping on top of approvals and resolving any issues that arise. Why spend your time trying to figure out what is required when you can have us do it for you?

Field Scouts:
Let us do the walking to get your permits and registrations; there’s no need to wait for hours at city hall again. Our field Scouts, recognized by the cool “scout gear,” will stand in line for you with a smile on their face. We are trusted service providers with accurate, complete submittals.

Why Should I use a building permit expediter?
By hiring a permit consultant, you are leaving the time-consuming, often frustrating behind-the-scenes tasks of research, application submittal and follow-up at the building department to experts. Permit expediters understand local building codes and requirements and can help owners, architects, engineers, builders and contractors get building projects approved more quickly.

When does it make sense to hire a permit service?
Because time is one of our most valuable assets, most project managers quickly realize the ROI of hiring a permit service rather than spending hours navigating through research, requirements, paperwork and time spent at the building department itself. Permit expediters efficiently move drawings through the process faster due to their expertise, relationships and follow-through.

Our team specializes in working with architects, builders, engineers and contractors to ensure permit submissions are compliant. Scout saves our customers time and money by working directly with the municipal reviewers to ensure projects get through all departments as quickly as possible.

Does Scout Services pull commercial roof permits?
Scout Services works with every department necessary to ensure all permits associated with a commercial roofing project are issued. Whether the need is for a demolition permit, plumbing, electrical, or mechanical, we have it covered! Scout’s professional team of permit specialists works tirelessly to get commercial roofing projects off the ground. Our scope of work includes building permits, roofing permits, right-of-way permits, street closure permits, crane permits and barricade and covered walkways permits; we have experience managing all commercial roofing permit requirements from start to finish.

How long does it take to get a permit?
Permit plan review time depends on the scope, size, complexity and location of the project. Each project is evaluated by divisions within a building department. Some permits are issued same-day, often referred to as “over the counter” (simple electrical, roofing, plumbing, mechanical projects) while others for projects such as single family homes, new builds and remodels take weeks or months.

The building permit approval process can be even longer for commercial or industrial projects to receive final approval. Proper building permit application submittals combined with accurate supporting drawings and documents are a critical part of ensuring the most expeditious review time. Scout Services ensures all requirements are met upon submittal of building permit applications.

What are the building permit fees?
While every municipality has its own set of permit fee schedules, this provides a general guideline:
  • Permit fees are often based on the square footage of the building or structure or cost of the project for new construction.
  • Electrical permit fees are often determined by the service size in amperage.
  • Mechanical permit fees are often determined by valuation.
  • Plumbing permits are often determined by the number of fixtures to be installed.
  • Roofing permits are often determined by project valuation.

What is the purpose of building permits and codes?
The purpose behind building codes is to give reasonable assurance that a building is safe from structural failure, fire hazards from electrical and heating systems, electrical shock, and health risks. The building permits provide a permanent record of the work performed and inspections conducted on the project.

It is important to meet building code standards to ensure safety for current and future owners. Rough-in inspections take place during a project where inspectors inspect work that has been started but not completed, referring to wiring, plumbing or line fixtures that are not hooked up or attached yet. Codes are not only written for safety reasons, but also for environmental and energy saving considerations.

What types of projects require building permits?
Most construction projects that change the configuration of walls, wiring, and/or pipes will require a building permit. Regulations vary from city to city. Scout Services has a database with over 7,000 municipalities and their requirements. Our permit specialists work directly with the municipalities to ensure proper permit application compliance upon submittal. Permit regulations are determined by the International Building Code (IBC) along with state, county and city building codes. Electrical, plumbing, roof, mechanical, structural, HVAC, security, solar, signage all require permitting and is dependent on the scope of work.

The building permit process starts with identifying the scope of construction and trades involved. Depending on the construction project, multiple trades may be involved such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical and permits may need to be pulled for each. Projects are reviewed by city building inspectors and reviewers to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes. In most cases, the presiding jurisdiction reviews the plans and determines the cost of the permit after the permit application has been submitted. Many municipalities publish their building permit fee schedules online. Scout Services can assist with all aspects of obtaining a building permit.

What is a Building Permit?
Building Departments require building permit applications with accompanying construction documents prior to performing construction. This assures that the project is completed in accordance with the local building codes and is safe to occupy upon completion. Once reviewed and approved, a building permit is issued to the applicant. The permit placard must be posted at the job site until completion.
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