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Full Racking Permit Services

Racking Permit Services for Expansions and New Builds

A racking permit is an essential part of adhering to state and local safety regulations in your warehouse. Racking systems must adhere to specific design requirements, which vary by state and location, including seismic standards in specific areas. In most cases, designing the racking system to fit the required permits is the best approach to minimize change requests and ensure quick approval.

Obtaining the correct racking permits is essential for avoiding operational disruptions and potential code violations.

Scout Services provides racking permit services to ensure compliance from the design phase all the way through to installation for:

Pallet Racking

Need building and fire permits for your racking system? Scout Services ensures compliance with local regulations nationwide.

High Pile Storage

Scout Services provides permit expediting services for high pile storage for all classifications, height, and combustibility categories.

Material Handling Systems

Pulling permits for material handling systems is simple with Scout Services.

Racking Permits Without Delays

From fire suppression and prevention codes to proper flue spaces and anchorage, knowing the racking permit requirements in your municipality ahead of time can save you a lot of pain down the line.

With Scout Services, you’ll have immediate access to our Field Scouts who combine their local expertise with our national database to help ensure compliance from the start.

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