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telecom permitting

Telecom Permitting For Wireless Networks

Streamlined Application Submittal

The telecom industry is subject to layers upon layers of regulations and requirements on the federal, state, and local levels. From complying with the FCC and local zoning laws to adhering to local environmental regulations and navigating the difficulties around construction in remote areas, the permitting process for telecommunications projects can require vast amounts of due diligence and intensive labor.

For telecom project managers, timely and efficient permit acquisition is essential
Scout Services has its roots in the telecom industry. We are deeply familiar with the intricacies of the permitting process for telecom projects and we provide services for:

New Sites and Site Modifications

Scout Services navigates federal, state, and local regulations for all telecom projects.

Small Cells

Scout Services facilitates the quick installation of small cells with streamlined application submittals and local regulation consulting.


Scout Services navigates the requirements for iDAS installments in new and existing structures.

We’ll Navigate The Telecom Permitting Process For You

Whether you need Right of Way and Grant of Privilege Services or multi-site submittal and tracking, Scout Services offers local regulation consulting, streamlined application submittals, and timely tracking and reporting to acquire your telecom permits with speed and efficiency.

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