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Sign Permit Services

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Your Experts On The Sign Permit Application Process

Faster Sign Installations

With tailored field service programs, Scout Services is fully equipped to handle your sign permit application. We ensure that all requirements are met for everything from single-location upgrades and retrofits to multi-site projects and high-rise signage. Our services cover everything from audits and surveys to full-service permitting and closeout services.

Working directly with brand implementation firms, sign companies, facilities management companies, and business owners allows Scout Services to ensure faster signage audits, approvals, and installations to keep your project on track.

Customized Program Management For Multi-Site Projects

Scout Services has completed sign programs ranging from 10 to 2,000+ sites across the nation. Our expertise and local knowledge allow us to fast-track your project for a more efficient application experience.

Our in-house specialists work hand-in-hand with our extensive network of trained, local Field Scouts to ensure program success, and provide 24/7 detailed project tracking for weekly updates on your sign permit application so you can plan accordingly and meet project deadlines.

Comprehensive Signage Services

Scout Services provides comprehensive permit expediting services for a wide variety of signage permit application projects. We can help with everything including:

  • New signage
  • Rebranding programs
  • Retrofits
  • Drive-thru menu boards
  • ATMs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • High rise signage
  • Wall graphics
  • Temporary signage
  • Canopy programs
  • Awnings
  • And more!

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