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building permit drawing requirements

Tailored Permit Expediting Services For Architects

Meet Building Permit Drawing Requirements With Ease

It often falls to architects to meet building permit drawing requirements, process permits, and ensure that all project materials are submitted to the correct AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction). That’s a lot to add to an already full plate.

As an architect working with Scout Services, you’ll have access to our full permitting services and local on-staff permit specialists. We act as the go-between for you and your design team to communicate quickly and efficiently with all relevant local building departments.

With our broad scope of expertise, Scout Services helps you manage the administrative tasks of meeting building permit drawing and other permit application requirements to ensure complete and compliant submittal.

We Are The Point Of Contact Between Building Departments, Contractors, And Your Design Team

Architects that work with Scout Services can save time on logistical details and avoid legal mishaps and other costly setbacks. We assist with everything from change requests and resubmittal standards to code compliance and review status timeline tracking.

By outsourcing commercial permitting services to Scout, you can avoid problems with building and environmental boards, and keep your focus on the design.

Comprehensive Permit Expediting Services For Architects

When you’re getting ready to design your next big project, Scout Services is here to help you expedite the permitting process.

Our decades of permit expediting experience and access to in-depth local knowledge through our trained local Field Scouts enable us to provide a number of specialized services for architects, including:

  • Development plan reviews
  • Mark-up/redlined drawing reviews
  • Local code compliance and zoning regulations
  • Compliance with local and national energy conservation requirements
  • Renovations and replacements
  • Permit package submittal
  • Permit application tracking
  • Resubmissions and change requests
  • Communication with local building departments
  • Supplemental and express permits

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