Who We Help


General Contractors:
We assist General Contractors with both the building permit process as well as municipal contractor registration/licensing. In addition, the GC is often tasked with making sure all of the Subcontractors are in compliance with local municipal rules. Scout can relieve this administrative burden and allow contractors to focus on what they do best……running projects.
It is often difficult for a homeowner to figure out the red tape required to get a building permit for a project at their home. Small or large, there is always paperwork required and fees to be paid. We know the process and help eliminate the headaches.
Builders often have to juggle multiple projects with a variety of subcontractors in different jurisdictions. Scout can help Builders manage the permitting requirements and registration submittals for themselves and their vendors. Proper jurisdictional knowledge and administrative support can help keep projects on time and on budget.
Developers of large scale projects often have administrative staff to help with the permitting requirements for their various ventures. However, Scout can help significantly reduce the time needed for these resources to learn the process in each new jurisdiction as well as submit, track and obtain the permits.
Wireless Network Builders:
Scout manages the submittal process for all types of wireless site projects: new site builds, site modifications, small cell, or IDAS. We have done them all! We offer streamlined submittal, tracking, forecasting and delivery systems and work closely with telecom project management teams to meet project deadlines.
Processing building permits and ensuring contractors are registered/licensed are some of the tasks that often end up the responsibility of the Architects by default. By outsourcing these non-core services to Scout, your staff can focus on design and code.
Subcontractors often are made aware of requirements for municipal compliance just prior to being scheduled to begin a project. As such, any delay to get licensed/registered can cause significant time constraints and possible delays to the overall project. Scout can turn around municipal registrations and licenses very quickly. We know the requirements and the process. Once we have your information, we do not need to ask the next time you need our permit help and can process even faster!
When a Corporation has a local, regional, or national rollout it is virtually impossible to know all of the jurisdictional requirements for your project. Scout’s national requirement database can help simplify and virtually automate the permitting process. Our resources are skilled in the unique challenges that exist in each city or county so you can keep corporate resources focused on the build-out.
Engineers often find themselves responding to a myriad of design questions as local jurisdictions review plans for their various projects. Scout helps Engineers and their customers manage and respond to these requests in the most efficient way possible. Since we know the “information flow process” with the municipality, you don’t have to.
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