The Challenge

Acquiring Over 800 Signage Permits Without Major Delays or Setbacks

When a major national bank wanted to install wall plaques in 800+ locations across the U.S., they knew they were facing a significant challenge. Not only was it a feat to manage the logistics of such a large project, but they also needed sign permits for every single property.

The prospect of acquiring sign permits for nearly 1000 sites is daunting to say the least. Every municipality has slightly different permitting requirements and processes, and navigating that many different review systems is a major time commitment. It also requires specialized knowledge, experience, and insights to receive approvals without too many headaches. Not to mention, every permit needs to be followed up on to ensure applications don’t get lost in the shuffle or buried in an inbox.

Traditionally, companies would turn to locally based permit expediters to handle each individual location. But that comes with its own set of issues. Not only is that a lot of contacts for project managers to keep in touch with—over 800, in this case—but that approach would not alleviate the burden of organizing and centralizing permit efforts from project managers who already had a full plate. In fact, it likely would have exacerbated the burden.

Which is why this particular financial institution came to Scout Services.

The Solution

A Permit Expediter With a National Reach


The First Prong: Advocacy

During this initial phase, Scout worked closely with each individual municipality to advocate for the client’s installation timeline, gather information and find the simplest path forward upfront. Next, the Scout team completed all 800+ permit applications (following design and site approval) and worked to push the applications into review as quickly as possible. At times, that meant quickly providing additional documentation as soon as it was requested.


The Second Prong: Transparency

The second phase revolved around Scout offering full transparency to the client. The team at Scout Services kept meticulous notes in Smart Sheets so the client could receive updates in real time. Additionally, the team at Scout was hyper-diligent in informing the client of any challenges they anticipated.

For instance, a review in Los Angeles required items from 20+ agencies before the application could move forward. Scout promptly informed the client that these sites were going to have longer review times. This level of transparency was not only helpful as the client planned timing and logistics, but it was crucial in building a strong rapport between Scout and the client.

The Results

All 800+ Signage Permits Successfully Obtained

Throughout the entire installation, Scout Services was transparent with the client and ensured they were fully aware of the status of each individual project.

The result? Scout Services successfully pulled off a large-scale tracker program that was completely closed out in full with all permits obtained in the project’s entirety.

Partner With the Experts in National Permit Expediting

Scout Services is the nation’s leading provider of permit expediting services for commercial projects. With our team of experienced professionals, our database of over 7,700 municipalities, and our expertise in review systems across the nation, we can help you obtain your permits without delay. Whether your project is confined to a single location or spans across state lines, send us the details today and we can get started within 24 business hours.