In nearly all areas of the country, wireless networks need to be able to reach their customers. And this involves complex infrastructure. From small cell installation to new cell tower construction, each of these projects requires some sort of permitting. On average, most firms will spend 3.8 days between filing a plan package and meeting with an examiner. But permit expediters can help with this process. Here at Scout Services, we are happy to serve our telecom clients, offering permit help and consulting. What is a permit expediter?

What is a permit expediter?

When securing a permit for a building project, you can spend hours in city hall rather than working on the job at hand. And if there is an error in the process, you may need to begin all over again. A permit expediter can eliminate this costly delay, as they will ensure submittals are compliant and follow the reviews through until permit issuance.

How is this service relevant to telecom?

Wireless networking is a highly complex industry with strict infrastructural details. Telecom companies may also need to build towers and other structures in more remote locations, requiring more intricate building permits and plans. An expediter can analyze your project and ensure that all submittal requirements are met.

What wireless network permitting services does Scout Services offer?

Scout Services is proud to be an authority on telecom permit expediting. Our services include:

  • Local regulation consulting
  • Right of way and grant of privilege services
  • Streamlined application submittal services
  • Building department representation
  • Multi-site submittal and tracking
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Consolidated invoicing

Our commitment to accuracy and quality can also ensure that your project stays on track and you can get your permits as quickly as possible. Along the way, we will keep your management team updated and ensure that you meet deadlines and hit your goals.

For more information about the role of a permit expediter or how the permit process works, be sure to contact our permit specialists today. By taking advantage of this service for your telecom business, you can ensure that your towers and site modifications are meeting crucial construction deadlines. Contact Scout Services today for more information.