There is no question why so many of the top businesses and brands are lured by Phoenix, Arizona. With a business-friendly environment, Phoenix boasts numerous job opportunities and an affordable cost of living that has attracted innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs alike. For those looking to grow their own enterprises, the Phoenix Planning & Development Department will help guide them through development by indicating what can be built where, how to preserve historic sites, and ensuring safe construction and infrastructure. By following some advice, you can quickly acquire your Phoenix permits and get back to contributing to the economic vitality of the city by creating more vibrant neighborhoods.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a commercial building permit is required for new construction, manufactured buildings, subdivisions, additions, alternations, new cell towers and alternation, billboards, signs, public pools, apartment buildings, and multi-family projects of three or more units. Phoenix permits are only issued when structures are designed in accordance with the building codes and all other applicable codes and ordinances, to ensure the safety of the building and its inhabitants.

Whether your project is as simple as a renovation, or you are constructing a new building on untouched property, a permit expediter helps remove questions from the process. To get a better idea of what the Phoenix permit process looks like, continue learning below or learn more about how our local guides can help you stay on track.

What Do I Need To Submit Phoenix Permits?

Prepare with the Right Application Type

The first step in the permitting process in Phoenix, Arizona is to prepare. If you are requesting a permit for the first time, you are encouraged to review the process online.. Make sure you choose the right application type for your project to get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

New commercial projects require preliminary site plan approval before building plans can be submitted for review. With a pre-application meeting, you can officially begin the permitting process. Once preliminary site plan approval has been obtained, building plans may be submitted for review. This commercial building permit Submittal Checklist prepared by the City of Phoenix Planning & Development department will be of great use here.

Bring your site plans and be ready to include contractor information, location details, applicant information, and a detailed project description. Make sure your PDF documents meet all specifications and are prepared correctly for submission. If formatting criteria is neglected, your application will not be able to register.

Identify the Right Permit and Process

You will need to fill out the permit that best applies to your project . It is suggested that you call ahead of time to ensure that you are on track with the correct permitting process. An initial fee is required once your project has been accepted for review and will be applied toward the final cost of the permit. You can review the fees administered by the Planning and Development Department , generate a free estimate, or call for additional information . The approval process can take longer for commercial and industrial projects. With both a national reach and local expertise that extends to city of Phoenix building codes and permits, Scout Services can help you save additional hours on paperwork, research, and data gathering.

Apply By Creating a Portal Account

To apply, make sure you are in contact with the Phoenix Planning & Development. You will upload the permit application you filled out, along with your required PDF documents and pay any upfront fees. Once your plan review fees are paid, your site plan will be examined. The city of Phoenix organizes plan reviews based on the type and complexity of the project. Reviews can take as long as four to five weeks. If your commercial building plan requires corrections, it will need to be re-submitted. Otherwise, following inspections, you will be ready to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Learn How to File Permits in Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Type of submittal method: Online – ProjectDox
    • Digital or wet stamps: Digital Stamps (can be copies)
    • Naming convention: Yes. 3-digit number-sheet number-abbreviated sheet name or description. Example: 001 A1.0 SitePln
  2. Timing for standard plan review: First review cycle is 4-5 weeks
  3. Options for expedited review: No
  4. Contractor license requirement: Must be licensed in Arizona
    • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid? Yes
    • Additional filings required: No

Options for Expediting Your Building Permit

The city understands that time is one of our most valuable assets and offers a number of ways to expedite your Phoenix permit application. The Express Pass and the Express Counter Log-In programs are both solutions that streamline the development process. The Express Pass Program allows qualified projects to obtain site plan approval within three business days of submission. The Express Counter Log-In Program provides the option to schedule an appointment to complete construction plan log-in instead of waiting in line to be served.

Staying On Schedule Starts with Control of the Permit Process

Navigating Phoenix’s latest codes, permitting processes, and regulations takes up valuable time for your project managers, contractors, and architects who urgently need building permits to stay on top of their project timeline. To ensure a smooth application process, and meet the city’s permitting requirements for any commercial project, turn to professional permitting services, like Scout Services.

Ready to take the headache out of acquiring your commercial building permits for restaurants, retail, office, medical, and warehouse projects in Phoenix, Arizona? Our team is here to lend a hand.