Don’t Let Telecom Permits Block Your Next Wireless Facility Project

Today, telecom companies face more challenges than ever before — needing to keep up with rapid industry innovation in order to compete. As the telecom industry becomes increasingly complex and competitive; with each carrier expected to provide the fastest, vastest, and most secure connections; this complicates and places increased stress on telecom project managers. Projects often have accelerated timelines and more moving pieces to track, adding mounting pressure to already difficult telecommunications project management.

Permitting is a complex process and has the potential to derail any new install or site modification project, especially when multiple sites are involved. Every municipality has different requirements, and not submitting the correct and necessary materials can result in costly delays for resubmittals. Expediting services are aimed at helping companies avoid mistakes and acquire building and electrical permits for telecommunication projects faster, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.

Don’t let permitting issues add stress to your next telecom project. Here’s a closer look at how a permit expediter can help you face common permitting problems.

Secure Telecom Permits Easier with Expert Expediters

Making sure your submittals are correct the first time is essential to keeping projects on schedule. Expediters have extensive expertise in dealing with permitting regulations across the nation, and also have easy access to reliable information on changing requirements in different municipalities. For example, Scout Services has a national database containing key contacts and information about items needed for a successful submittal for all major U.S. markets including thousands of minor markets. This ensures that all permits are submitted correctly the first time — protecting your projects from costly delays.

Another stressful part of permitting is keeping track of multisite project permits across several municipalities at the same time. Outsourcing to a dedicated and experienced permit specialist who will follow-up, track and handle any issues and ensure permits are moving forward frees project managers to deal with other project-related complexities. Scout Services pairs each project manager one-on-one with a permit expert who jumps on any problems as they arise and handles every aspect of managing the permitting process — from verifying AHJs and requirements up front to making sure submittals are completed and stays on top of plan reviews, keeping clients updated all the way to approval and issuance.

Telecom projects have less of a profit margin than ever before, leaving little room for permitting problems that can eat into profits. Avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your telecom permits by working with an expediter that ensures quick and painless plan review and approvals. Scout Services aims to make the permitting process as quick and cost-efficient as possible. Whether your project features new site builds, site modifications, small cell, or IDAS, we work closely with telecommunications project management teams to meet deadlines and keep within budget.

Contact Scout Services for permit expediting that makes your telecom project management more efficient and keeps you competitive.