In a recent interview, Scout Services Co-Founders Terry Callahan and Gene Callahan dive into the origin of Scout Services and their permitting solutions, the company culture, growth goals, and share thoughts on their beloved mascot.

Over seven years ago, Terry and Gene Callahan worked in the telecommunications site acquisition industry. Their team was inundated with ongoing permitting issues with no helpful solution or source to turn to. Their company handled the task of obtaining multiple permits from multiple jurisdictions, which eventually required a special skillset to pull permits and navigate different municipalities. As pulling permits proved to be a much more complicated challenge for their project managers, they realized there was a growing need for building permit search solutions and that other industries could benefit from this service as well.

Now headquartered in the Chicago area, Scout Services simplifies the building permit process, making it faster than ever before for architects, contractors, and engineers, to obtain the construction permits. From retail to restaurant and hospitality permits, telecom, solar, and more, the team works in any jurisdiction on any project size to keep commercial projects on track. With national reach and local knowledge, Scout Services has the network needed to guide customers and navigate the permitting complexities of each city, saving them time, money, and the headache.

Building a Committed Team of Permitting Experts

When considering what sets their permitting services apart, both Terry and Gene Callahan were clear, it was their people, culture, and energy. As a family-oriented organization, everyone, from the Executive Team to the Customer Advocate Team and Field Scouts, brings years of experience to the table and collaborates to make navigating the building permit process fun and efficient. Known for their attention to detail and positive attitude, the Scout Services team is always energized and ready to lend their permitting expertise and excellent customer service. With a fun and entrepreneurial atmosphere, it is a great environment for like-minded individuals to grow.

The Origin of the Scout Services Raccoon Mascot

When it came to creating their iconic mascot, Terry and Gene Callahan first agreed on the company name. After sitting around the table one night and going back and forth with their families, they sketched out a thought, a rough illustration of a raccoon. Once it was delivered to the marketing team, the Scout Services mascot came to life and became the new company logo. Affectionately remarking on the development of the raccoon as the official mascot, Terry Callahan comments, “Like the raccoon going after some food, Scout does what it takes to get a permit and never gives up.”

Scout Services in Five Years

Five years from now, the two Co-Founders see Scout Services expanding to include larger projects in additional municipalities. By leveraging their talent and technology, they aspire to become the nation’s leading permitting expediting resource. In a few years, you will find Scout Services taking advantage of unique opportunities to provide value as critical partners to customers to get projects up and running. Whether you are an architect, builder, sign installer, franchise owner or general contractor, Scout Services is proud to serve your area. Always on time and on budget, our specialists will grow in their strength and numbers to simplify the building permit search process and solve some of the most pressing issues pertaining to obtaining permits nationwide.

For trusted advice on single-site, multi-site, and multi-state projects, give our Scouts a call.