One of the biggest hurdles for any commercial or residential project is the confusing permitting process. For those who want to go green and switch to solar energy, just obtaining the proper solar permit can be a hassle. That’s why back in July 2016, the state of California made the decision to streamline the solar… View Article The post Solar Permits Fast-Tracked in Cali, But Other States Need Expedition appeared first on Scout Services.

The Benefits of Expediting Solar Panel Permits

In the past few months alone, hundreds of California communities have been able to consolidate the review and approval process for solar permits. Some have been able to accomplish the whole operation in one day, with inspections following just a few days after the solar permits are first approved.

The result has been extraordinary. Hundreds of solar projects are being approved each month. The city of San Jose was able to approve 4,500 residential building permits for solar power in a little less than a year — nearly a 600% increase from the year before. This is big news for California’s third-largest city, as its residents are able to reap the benefits of solar power much sooner and for a much lower cost.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo stated that they “want to make it fast and easy so that no one can hesitate due to bureaucratic red tape…[and] make the transition to a greener energy source.”

These events are a direct result of California’s passing of solar bill AB 2188, known as “The Expedited Solar Permitting Act.” The bill gave counties and cities in California until September of 2015 to establish a streamlined process of expediting permits for solar panels that are 10 kilowatts or lower.

Mandating permit expedition and faster inspections means that costs have gone down overall. Residents can save even more by applying for their permits online. The average residential solar panel is around 600 square feet, but since both hardware prices and necessary installation hours have decreased significantly, both homeowners and the cities are able to win out in the end.

The Costs of NOT Expediting Building Permits

Despite the obvious benefits, California is the first — and may be the only — state in the union to require permit expediting for solar power. If you’re looking to make the switch to solar in your own home (and you aren’t living in the Golden State), you’ll likely need help getting the proper approval. The same goes for virtually every other type of permit, including common building permits.

The approval and inspection process can drag on for weeks or even months, costing you valuable time and money as you wait. However, if you have someone expediting permits for you, you’ll be able to start using solar energy a lot sooner. And that’s good news for both your family and for our planet.

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy handling complex permitting yourself. We’ll take care of expediting permits for you so you can focus on what really matters at home or at work. Contact us today to get started.