Whenever you want to install a major feature or perform a big renovation, you’ll likely need to obtain residential building permits to ensure the changes you make are safe and legal. And if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint by implementing a source of renewable energy, you’ll probably need permit help to meet the… View Article The post Rhode Island May Implement Streamlined, Statewide Solar Permit Process appeared first on Scout Services.

However, Rhode Island residents may soon find it easier to obtain solar permits. Their state House of Representatives just passed a unanimous vote on a bill that could create a statewide process that would streamline solar permitting.

Rhode Island’s Office of Energy Resources has noted that having a statewide permit would reduce the time installers have to spend obtaining permits. In addition, it would allow associated costs to be more predictable across the board. However, solar installers will still need to pull electrical and commercial or residential building permits separately.

Now, the bill will move to the Senate. But whether you live in Rhode Island or practically anywhere else in the nation, there are ways to save both time and money when you get a solar permit.

First of all, you can often get a federal tax credit towards your solar panel system. U.S. federal subsidies credit up to 30% of system costs. Each state also offers its own individual incentives towards solar power use. Keep in mind the long term costs of solar versus traditional electricity, too. If you live in an area with higher electricity rates, you’ll be saving money overall by opting for solar. Plus, you may be able to pursue solar financing options to help offset initial costs.

Residential building permits of any kind can add extra costs, but they’ll end up costing you more if your application is incorrect or incomplete. And if you forgo the permit process, you’ll likely have to pay fines or have problems corrected later on. Finally, if you have to wait days for permit approval to come through, that can end up setting back your project and costing you more in labor.

That’s why it’s always better to work with a permit expediter. Your expediters will ensure your permit applications are complete and will submit them within 24 hours of receipt. Efficiency is the name of the game; no matter where you’re located in the country, you deserve fast, high-quality service that allows you to get your solar energy system up and running as soon as possible.

Obtaining residential building permits of any kind can be a real hassle, but they are a requirement for all kinds of projects. To find out more about our solar permit services or the other permitting help we offer, contact Scout Services today.