Acquiring permits is a costly, time-consuming process, but it doesn’t need to be drawn out and confusing with the right support. With a few exceptions, in San Bernardino permits are required for all structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning work. San Bernardino building permits ensure construction is performed in compliance with California state codes, local codes, and safety standards. Complex projects require the plan submittal and specifications, which will be reviewed for code compliance.

Whether you are installing a new sign, have office, retail, restaurant, hotel, or tenant improvement projects, Scout Services’ permitting experts have a complete understanding of the requirements, rules, and regulations. Scout completes due diligence to confirm all permitting requirements based on scope of work to ensure nothing is missed during plan review.

Expedite San Bernardino Building Permits with Local Experience

The goal of the permit process is to ensure buildings meet minimum code standards to protect public health, safety, and property and promote energy efficiency and accessibility for disabled persons. Unsure about the permit process? Scout helps architects meet the permit requirements in San Bernardino.

Be sure you have all the necessary permits before you start work and verify whether a permit will be required for your project, from new buildings and tenant improvements to solar installations, signage, demolitions, and more.

Summary of How to File in San Bernardino, CA

  • Type of submittal method: Online
  • Digital or wet stamps: Digital
  • Naming convention: Not Required
  • Timing for standard plan review: N/A
  • Options for expedited review: 4 weeks
  • Contractor license requirement: N/A
  • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid? Yes
  • Additional filings required: Not Required

San Bernardino’s Permitting Process

All San Bernardino building permits require a completed Building Permit Application. Permits can be obtained at the local Building and Safety office or with EZ Online Permitting. The online portal allows you to save time by submitting applications, plans, and documents. Additionally, you can check the status of applications, view updates, and pay fees in a centralized location. If you decide to go in person, make sure you have all of your documentation as a Property Owner, State of California Licensed Contractor, or Authorized Agent to avoid delays.

If your project’s scope of work involves plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work, a complete mechanical, electrical, or plumbing permit application is required. Supplemental documents including structural calculations, energy calculations, and geotechnical reports may be needed.

Finally, all plans need to be signed by the preparer. Professionally prepared plans prepared by an architect or engineer must be wet-stamped and signed on the cover sheet; all other pages may be digitally stamped.

Applying Through the Portal

To apply for San Bernardino permits online, you must log in to the EZOP website or create an account if you’re new to it. Choose the type of application you need (Planning, Fire, Building, Enforcement, or Public Works). If you are not sure which permit you need, review the quick permit reference guide. Select and fill out the application you choose, providing any required documentation including proof of ownership, proof of transfer, and proof of licensing. Wait for approval. Be sure to fill out the application completely to prevent any unwanted delays in application processing.

Expect the approval process to take days or weeks. If any aspect does not meet code requirements, you will need to make the necessary updates and resubmit. Once approved you can finally pay the fees and receive your permit.

Ensure You Have the Correct San Bernardino Building Permits

You must have the permit before construction can begin. Contractors who violate the law can face disciplinary action by the CSLB. This can include the suspension of your license, civil penalty assessments of up to $5,000 per violation, and assessed penalties imposed by the building department.

At Scout Services, we know how confusing permitting processes can be between jurisdictions. If items are missed during due diligence or filings are not made to all entities requiring plan review, costly delays may be a result. As experts in San Bernardino building permits and in municipalities across the U.S., our team is able to keep your commercial project on track.

Streamline San Bernardino Permits with Expert Expediters

For commercial projects in retail, banking, telecom, hospitality, industrial, and more, Scout Services has the industry experience to efficiently expedite your San Bernardino building permits. You’ll be assigned to one of our permit specialists, who will see your submittals through to approval and permit issuance.

Although there are many elements out of your control in the process, by turning to a permit expediter you can cut out the time spent on corrections and avoid costly delays. If you have ongoing projects in numerous states, we have a nationwide database and extensive experience in jurisdictions across the United States.

Take the pain out of permitting with an experienced permitting team. Get your next project underway with streamlined San Bernardino building permits today.