In Ontario, California, building permits are required for constructing, renovating, demolishing, or changing the use of a building. Unfortunately, there are many documents and hoops your team needs to jump through to ensure your commercial construction project stays on time. When it comes to commercial development in Ontario, projects that better attract job growth, support schools, hospitals, community projects, and more are highly valued and prioritized. When submitting City of Ontario permits, it is helpful to keep these few key development objectives in mind.

When the permitting process goes wrong, you may be stuck re-submitting information to ensure construction is completed in compliance with California state codes, local codes, and safety standards. Looking to simplify a costly, time-consuming process? Reach out to our local Permit Expediters to stay on track with City of Ontario permits and your project goals.

Expedite City of Ontario Building Permits

Everything you need to know, from General Industrial and Commercial Submittal Requirements to Building Permit Applications and Forms are available on the City of Ontario’s website. To see the status of your commercial permit, the Citizen Portal provides direct access.

Building a new office, store, restaurant, hotel, or installing a new sign? Scout Services’ permitting experts have a complete understanding of City of Ontario permits, the requirements, rules, and regulations. Our team completes due diligence to confirm all permitting requirements based on scope of work — ensure nothing holds you back during plan review. Need more information on expediting permits in San Bernardino county? Learn more about expediting San Bernardino building permits with local expertise.

Key Items to Note When Submitting City of Ontario Permits

Type of submittal method: Online
Digital or wet stamps: Digital
Naming convention: Not Required
Timing for standard plan review: 6-8 Weeks
Options for expedited review: N/A
Contractor license requirement: N/A
Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid? Yes
Additional filings required: Food facilities require a separate health review
Additional items to note:  Requires an appointment for submittal. Appointments are about 2 weeks out.

Permit Process Overview in Ontario, CA

Keep in mind that the goal of the permit process is to ensure buildings meet minimum standards for public health and safety while promoting energy efficiency and accessibility. Clearly demonstrating your compliance with health, safety, fire protection, accessibility, and resource conservation will streamline the process. When you apply, you’ll have to attach drawings, plans, and other documents. To prevent unwanted delays, be sure you have all the necessary construction documents before you submit your application for review.

For permit issuance in Ontario, CA, you must schedule an appointment with City staff for permit submittal, re-submittal, planning, and to receive support for general questions. It’s a good idea to talk to the staff before you apply. They can provide additional suggestions to support the application. To check the status of your permits and plans or to schedule an inspection, create an account and follow up with the Citizen Portal — accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What To Expect During Permit Reviewal and Revisions

In order to be issued City of Ontario permits, your project proposal must be in line with the Building Regulations and applicable laws. Your application may be submitted to other local departments for review and approval, be sure to keep an eye out for comments and any changes that need to be made. If you need a zoning change, or your project doesn’t comply, a permit will not be issued until corrections are made. Keep in mind that for more complex projects, such as hospitals, the approval time frame is longer. Once approved, you can finally pay associated fees and obtain your permit.

If items are missed during due diligence or filings are not made to all entities requiring plan review, costly delays may be a result.

Simplify and Streamline City of Ontario Permits

Assessing the documents you need, coordinating the right materials to submit, and making sure the online submittal is accurate, ensures your project goes into review without delays. For commercial projects across retail, banking, telecom, hospitality, industrial, and more, you need a dependable team with established permitting expertise.

With Scout Services, you get the advantage of streamlining the permitting process with our national database of permit requirements. Once you are assigned to one of our permit specialists, you can be confident your City of Ontario permits will be approved with minimal hassle and disruption.

We understand how disruptive the permitting processes can be. Although there are many elements out of your control, turning to a permit expediter can help you avoid costly delays. Whether you have one site or multiple, take the pain out of permitting with an experienced team.

Start your next commercial project faster with experts who know how to navigate City of Ontario permits today.