For contractors, architects, general contractors, retailers and other construction professionals, building permits are simply part of the development process. These documents can still pose a headache to professionals of all types. But with the right planning and help from a permit expediter, you can obtain the correct documents, get your submittal package completed and filed in order to move forward with your project. This guide will answer some of the most common questions about obtaining commercial construction permits in Atlanta, GA.

Why do I need a building permit?

When renovating or building new construction in Atlanta, there are specific building codes that require strict compliance. Over 98% of all privately-owned residential buildings are in permit-issuing places, so these regulations apply to both commercial and residential developers. Permits ensure that a building’s structure, ventilation, lighting, fire safety features, and other details are completely up to code and provide a safe environment for tenants inside.

How do I apply for a permit?

You can find specific instructions on how to apply for a permit on Atlanta’s city website. You can apply in person at the Office of Buildings at City Hall. For specific jobs, you will need to follow more specific instructions, so be sure to ask the staff at City Hall or contact Scout Services for permit requirements as they are permit specialists for all types of commercial construction projects in Atlanta.

How do permit expediting services fit into this process?

By hiring a permit expediter, you can let a professional take care of this process while you focus on other job functions. The building permit expediter can prepare the submitall package, stand in line at City Hall, fill out forms, follow the reviews through plan review and essentially take care of all the permitting details.

Does my project qualify for permit expediting?

No matter the size and scope of your commercial construction project, Scout Services is here to provide permitting advice throughout the process. To receive a quote for our permit services, simply contact us today. We will take a look at your project and get the process started within 24 hours.

As an architect or developer in Atlanta, GA, you have a role in making this city stand out. To get your commercial project moving along, start the permitting process out right with Scout Services. By starting early and working with the professionals at Scout Services, you can ensure that your project is a success.