Learn from an Experienced Denver Permit Expediter

If you need permits for a commercial project, you’ll likely need to acquaint yourself with the building permit process in Denver quickly. As a Denver permit expediter, Scout Services has the expertise to swiftly catch you up so your project in the mile high city stays on track.

With a fully online permitting system, Denver has a fairly streamlined process for reviewing building, zoning, and sewage permits. However, incomplete or incorrect submittals can lead to further rounds of reviews and costly delays to your project. Follow the tips in our expert guide below, and consider using a trusted Denver permit expediter to help your applications zoom through to approval.


  • Type of submittal method: Online via e-Permits
    • Digital or wet stamps: Digital (no special third-party verified stamps needed)
    • Naming convention: Drawings must be separated by discipline with the naming convention of Discipline_Address_Date of plans
  • Timing for standard plan review: 3–4 weeks
  • Options for expedited review: Not available
  • Contractor license requirement: Contractors must be licensed with the City of Denver
    • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid?: Yes
  • Additional filings required: Include Sewer Use and Drainage Permit Application and Zoning Use Permit Application with BP submittal


To obtain a commercial building permit in Denver, you’ll need to submit a variety of applications and supporting materials on the e-Permits platform. Luckily the review time is relatively short at only three to four weeks on average, as zoning, building code, and SUDP reviews occur simultaneously.

Keeping track of all the necessary materials for a successful submittal can be challenging, especially in a multi-site build or rollout. The checklist below is a great introduction to the building permit process in Denver.

  • Find out zone district and status of your proposed development site
  • Find out the important contacts for your area (project coordinator, engineers, and inspectors)
  • Depending on the type of project, follow the instructions on the New Buildings, Additions, and Change of Occupancy or Tenant Finish and Remodel forms
  • Projects requiring a Site Development Plan (SDP) must receive approval from a project coordinator before logging in and submitting materials to e-Permits
  • Submit all materials on e-Permits once given confirmation from your project coordinator. Materials include, but are not limited to:
    • Zoning Use Permit Application
    • Sewer Use and Drainage Permit (SUDP) Application
    • Applicable checklists (Zoning Use Checklist, Tenant Finish and Remodel Checklist, etc.)
    • Letter of Authorization if using a third party like a permit expediter to obtain permits
    • PDF of drawings separated by each discipline with a valid electronic signature on every cover page and aforementioned naming convention
    • Architectural Site Plan and Floor Plan as individual sheets
    • PDF of Utility Site Plan
    • PDFs of Project Specifications and Structural Calculations, both signed, sealed, and dated
    • Building Review Plan Fee, which is calculated and must be paid at the time of submittal
    • Separate charges for additional reviews like SUDP and Zoning Code Reviews
  • Your overall project will be assigned a log number and you’ll have to wait on reviews from separate disciplines
  • After the reviews process, you may need to provide plan reviewers with additional information and/or resubmittals, done in the same format as the initial submissions
  • Once all reviews are approved, pay permit fees, add the contractor to the permit, and download permits and approved plans through e-Permits
  • For any modifications after permitting, modified drawings must be submitted as a new project with a subset of materials describing the changes and the reasoning behind them

Scout Services Makes Your Commercial Building Permit Process in Denver Easier

Figuring out the zoning codes for your area, getting in touch with the correct contacts across disciplines, and ensuring you make complete and correct submittals are all complicated elements of commercial construction permitting in Denver that can serve as obstacles to the start of your project. Pairing with a Denver permit expediter like Scout Services can fast-forward the process and save you from headaches and holdups along the way.

Our national database of permitting requirements in jurisdictions across the nation gives us a national reach. When paired with the local expertise of our trusted permit expediters who have worked throughout Colorado, we’re the perfect partner to help you through the commercial building permit process in Denver.

We’ll pair you with a project manager who will coordinate with all necessary AHJs, so you’ll only have one point of contact reaching out to you with information requests, and you’ll know exactly where to turn when questions arise. Our easy-to-use platform will keep you updated constantly on the status of your permits, allowing you to plan your project start accordingly.

Keep Denver commercial construction projects on track and under budget with the help of Scout Services. Get started by contacting us with your project details today.