he Dallas-Fort Worth region is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. — and for a good reason. Since the pandemic, its health care industry has taken off and employment is above pre-pandemic levels. If you are one of the many opening or renovating a healthcare facility, retail store, warehouse, restaurant, hotel, bank, or are rolling out a multi-site program in Dallas, Texas, then you need reliable support streamlining the permitting process to stay on track. Besides being the law, Dallas building permits help you avoid fines and lawsuits, ensure safety and insurance coverage, and avoid costly repairs or city demands for demolishment.

A few common projects that require a building permit include new construction, alteration, remodeling, demolition, change of use, development in an environmentally critical area, or adding/moving soil. If you are unsure of the Dallas building permit requirements, it’s best to consult an expert to better understand what your project needs.

Looking for a way to start and streamline the permitting process — and track your progress along the way? At Scout Services, we specialize in supporting commercial construction projects with submittals in Dallas and nationwide. Connect with our experienced team and learn more about our process today.

Critical Information for Filing A Commercial Permit in Dallas, Texas

  1. Type of submittal method: Online – ProjectDox
    • Digital or wet stamps: Digital
    • Naming convention: Yes. [Drawing Sheet Identifier]_[Description]. Example: G0.00_COVER SHT
  2. Timing for standard plan review: First review cycle is 4-5 weeks
  3. Options for expedited review: Yes. Q-Team
  4. Contractor license requirement: City
    • Is it okay to submit TBD while out to bid? Yes
    • Additional filings required: No

1. Get Acquainted with the Dallas Permit Center

For all new construction applications in Dallas, the Permit Center is a one-stop shop for information and services. We recommend a conversation with City staff — they can answer questions and provide additional suggestions to support the application. Note that for very complex projects, like high-rise structures for example, a conference may be an additional requirement.

For the first use of land or a building, a change in the use of a building, change of tenant, and increases or decreases in floor area, the Dallas Development Code requires a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Complete and submit an application, fill out a land use questionnaire, and complete a Certificate of Occupancy checklist confirming that you have supplied correct and complete information to Building Inspection, along with the initial fee. If you are altering the use of your building, ensure you meet all requirements with an additional resource from the Sustainable Development and Construction Department.

2. Get Familiar with the Commercial Permit Forms and Checklists

Depending on whether your project is a remodel, new construction, or is in predevelopment, there are different permits you will need to be familiar with. Your building permit requirements will include construction drawings, application forms, reports, and other documents. The city has a comprehensive list of permitting guidelines, policies, procedures, and requirements for reference

Once you get familiar with the listed commercial permits, you are invited to submit an online application for commercial projects via the City of Dallas ePlan Portal. Here you will be able to start the request, save in-process applications, complete the documentation, upload the plans and paperwork, see the status of existing projects, and pay for the permit. For a better understanding of the portal process, view the in depth application process guide.

After you have completed the online submission, City staff will pre-screen your request, which may take from 7 to 10 business days. An incomplete or incorrect submission will delay the pre-screening and increase the review time for your project.

3. Submittal and Screening

Once you have submitted your request, you can update information via the City of Dallas ePlan Portal. Depending on the type of project, there may be some additional requirements. The city will review your application to make sure it is complete and meets submittal requirements.

4. Revisions and Review

City staff may request additional information before accepting your permit application. While most permits require a few rounds of review and revisions, partnering with an experienced team can help you minimize the amount of time spent addressing additional requests. To prevent unwanted delays, we recommend you first confirm you have all necessary documents before you submit your application for review. At Scout Services, our Permit specialists can lead the way with our complete understanding of permits, the requirements, rules, and regulations.

5. Permit Issuance

For more complex projects, approval time can be longer. Once fees have been paid and the City of Dallas has approved your plans, you will finally be issued a permit. From this point, you can begin construction of your project.

Stay Ahead of Dallas Building Permit Requirements


At Scout Services, we understand how disruptive the permitting processes can be for architects, general contractors, and engineers. From finding the right documents to meeting the needs of jurisdictions, there are many ways your application can turn on its head. For commercial projects across retail, banking, telecom, hospitality, industrial, and more, you need a reliable team with established expertise to ensure your project launches without a hitch.

With Scout Services, you get the advantage of streamlining the permitting process with our national database of permit requirements and local expertise. Once you are assigned to one of our permit specialists, you can be confident your Dallas building permits will be approved with minimal hassle and disruption. We know the permitting requirements across jurisdictions and will help you reach your next milestone, no matter the project.

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