No matter the construction project, odds are it’s going to need a permit. However, getting a permit can be a time-consuming and costly process. If you want to make sure your project stays on schedule and gets the proper permits issued, you should consider working with building permit expediters. Building permit expediters have aided professionals… View Article The post Everything You Need to Know Before Working With a Building Permit Expediter appeared first on Scout Services.

Building permit expediters have aided professionals in the commercial industry for years. Whether it’s an electrical permit, a standard building permit, or even a solar permit, these professionals know how to help you attain permits efficiently.
The purpose of a building permit expediter is, simply put, to understand all of the local building codes and advise homeowners, contractors, and commercial developers on the best methods to have their projects approved and keep their construction on schedule.

In addition to an extensive knowledge of building codes and permit applications, permit expediters must also have excellent planning experience in order to better represent their clients at any hearings they may need to attend before a permit is issued.

More than anything else, the role of a permit expediter is that of a facilitator between a city’s staff and the owner of a particular project. If a permit expediter can help interpret the way city staff enforce building codes, they can then devise the best strategy for project approval.

However, this isn’t the only aspect of their position. According to the Buildings Department, the average length of time between filing an application and meeting with an examiner is about 3.8 days. As the job title suggests, it’s the responsibility of a permit expediter to expedite (or speed up) the process.

Permit expediting is one of the most valuable resources a contractor can have, especially if they’re not familiar with a particular city’s building codes. Most expediters handle a number of projects in different cities, which means their knowledge is truly priceless to many in construction.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, permit expediting is an incredibly useful service that should be taken advantage of. You definitely don’t want to be caught without a permit during your construction project.