When it comes to applying for a building permit, many construction companies just see it as another ‘hoop’ to jump through. However, the process of applying for a building permit can be meticulous and complicated, so it’s important to be prepared. On top of that, there are so many misconceptions circulating about the process as a whole, especially when working with permit expediting services. Here are some common myths about commercial building permits and permit expediters.

Contractors should value permit expediting services more than permit expediting solutions themselves.

Experts say it’s important to make the distinction between permit expediting services and solutions. Services are intended to fulfill by performing actions, and solutions are focused on the final product or end goal. Basically, your construction company will have much more success when you focus on coming to a solution, and permit expediters can help you give your company a front row seat to success.

My construction company won’t have any issues getting permits, so we don’t need a building permit expediter.

In an ideal world, nobody would need the services of a building permit expediter, but in reality, there are some metropolitan areas where the process of getting a permit is entirely different. In these cases, traditional methods of getting a permit just won’t work. Furthermore, some larger construction projects, such as shopping centers, most experts agree that it’s always wisest to get a certified permit expeditor on the scene as soon as you can.

My permit expediter needs to have architectural and/or planning experience.

Finally, this myth is more of a misconception, and it’s certainly not an absolute rule. When researching firms, make sure to look into their background and see if their areas of expertise align with your commercial construction needs. Put an emphasis on researching the backgrounds of project managers as well.

Ultimately, the charge for securing a permit expediting service pays for itself by ensuring accurate and timely submittals and by avoiding costly delays. For more information about commercial building permit expediting services, contact Scout Services.