Renovating has become the next big thing in the real estate business. Across five major centers, 40% of homeowners plan on renovating this year. However, before you begin flipping houses or finally building that deck you’ve always wanted, make sure to avoid any legal mishaps that may result in lost money by filing for residential… View Article The post Before You Renovate, Hire a Permit Expeditor appeared first on Scout Services.

According to DoItYourself , a permit expeditor is “a consultant who helps to maneuver permit requests” allowing you to bypass doing the “frustrating, time-consuming and expensive” building permit process yourself.

Despite the fact that the property is yours to reconstruct as you like, permit services are required and exist to ensure your safety and the safety of those around your property. Residential buildings that are reconstructed and renovated before going through the permit process run the risk of not only harming the homeowners and neighbors, but also risk wasting money by eventually needing to remove the additions or changes made to the building.

Hiring a permit expeditor saves you the time of determining which additions and reconstructions to the building need permits in the first place, having to submit the structural plans of the renovation or reconstruction, and having to research and prepare each permit case.

A permit expeditor can also speed up the process of renovation if you’re on a tight schedule by allowing you to focus on the building and design while they handle the paperwork. A permit expeditor can also help assist in the scope of the project itself by offering their perspective as someone who knows the permit business. While you as a homeowner or real estate agent may know the generalities of submitting and getting a grant for a permit, a permit expeditor will know the specifics and tricks of getting permits in specific cities, towns, and counties. A permit expeditor is also aware of the changes in construction rules and laws, which you may be unaware of.

Therefore, before you begin your next renovation process, save your time, money, and frustrations by hiring a permit expeditor to ensure your renovation runs on time and according to budget.