And How Permit Expediters Can Help

Efficient warehouse management is essential for businesses that rely on them for storage and distribution purposes. Any significant operational disruption can have drastic, widespread consequences for revenue and supply chains. For this reason, it’s essential to pass inspections for new or updated racking systems as quickly as possible. Keeping an up-to-date racking inspection checklist can help you track your own compliance before scheduling inspections to streamline the process.

However, regulations and codes are challenging to navigate, and keeping up with shifting local standards can be difficult. Working with an experienced permit expediter who has expertise in local requirements can help you move through your racking inspection checklist with speed and accuracy.

But first, what items should be on your racking inspection checklist?

The Complete Racking Inspection Checklist

1. Meet General Requirements

Racking systems are a vital element to any warehouse operation. However, racking systems that are incorrectly installed and used can pose serious risks to warehouse workers. Double-checking to make sure that the weight capacity of the racking system is not exceeded will keep warehouse workers safe and help ensure that you pass inspection.

2. Racking System Inspections

Inspect the Uprights and Beams

Racking systems also need to be checked for structural integrity. This is particularly the case in warehouses where forklifts are used, as even minor collisions with racking systems can lead to cumulative damage over time that can compromise the stability of the entire racking system.

Check for any signs of damage to the uprights and beams, including dents, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear. Additionally, make sure that the uprights are plumb and not twisted, and double-check for sagging in the beams that could indicate a replacement is in order.

While verifying sections of your racking system are in compliance can be arduous, it’s less expensive than dealing with a full collapse or losing your permits due to inspection failure.

Inspect the Connectors and Bracing

Similarly, you should regularly check for signs of damage to the connectors, such as missing or broken bolts, nuts, and clips. Bracing should also be securely in place with no signs of damage or wear.

These things can also undermine the structural integrity of the racking system and cause inspection failure. Replacing these smaller parts is an easier way to ensure that you remain compliant with your permits and pass inspections.

Inspect the Floor

The floor around the racking system can be easy to overlook when you’re preparing for an inspection, but damage to the surrounding floor can result in inspection failure. That’s why this is the next item on the racking inspection checklist.

When it comes to the flooring, make sure there are no cracks or unevenness that could result in loss of racking system stability. Similarly, any raised areas, tripping hazards, or other faults that could pose a risk to warehouse employees should be taken care of as soon as possible.

3. Ensure Proper Safety Measures

Secure Proper Signage, Lighting, and Aisle Space

Being compliant with your racking system permits also requires adequate signage in the warehouse. To cover this item on your racking inspection checklist, ensure that proper signage is placed and clearly visible. This includes load capacity signs and safety signage.

Racking installations also require sufficient lighting. There should be no dark areas that may cause workers to miss potential hazards.

And finally, ensure that the aisle space around the racking system is free and clear of obstructions. Not only will this help you pass inspection, but it will promote a safer and more efficient work environment for warehouse staff.

How Permit Expediters Can Help

Experienced permit expediters can play an essential role in helping you pass racking inspections on the first go. When you partner with the right expediter who has in-depth local knowledge and experience, you receive help in obtaining all necessary permits for a racking installation or update and the expertise required to keep apprised of any changes in local codes and regulations prior to inspections.

Permit expediters can also help manage the inspection process, working with building officials to schedule and complete inspections, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork and documentation are in place. Expediters also coordinate with construction teams to make necessary corrections or modifications before the final inspection to ensure a safe and code-compliant end-racking installation.

Scout Services Provides Permitting Services for Racking Installations and Upgrades

Scout Services is one of the nation’s leading providers of permit expediting services. With locally trained Field Scouts and a nationwide database, we specialize in permitting services for a range of commercial projects, including warehouse racking installations and modifications. While racking inspections are outside our purview, we stand ready to assist you with all your permitting needs for your next racking installation project or upgrade.

We prioritize communication and efficiency in every aspect of our business. As the point of connection between you and the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), we are your voice and representative through every step of the permitting process.

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