If you’re planning on doing a major renovation this year, you may not have given much thought to which building permits you need. You may even feel that pulling a permit seems unnecessary. But in truth, obtaining a permit ensures the safety of your home and family and will allow you to complete your project… View Article The post 3 Major Risks You Take By Bypassing the Permit Process appeared first on Scout Services.

When you need to speed up the permitting process, residential building permit expediters will make certain you have all the paperwork you need and will get the go-ahead in record time. The average time between filing a plan package and meeting with an examiner is 3.8 days. But if that’s too long to wait, permit expediters can help. Still, some homeowners think it’s easier to just bypass the process altogether. This is never a good idea. Below, you’ll find three major risks you take by avoiding pulling a permit.

  1. You could be delayed or fined
    Inspectors are always on the lookout for buildings that are under renovation. A quick check-in or phone call is all they need to determine whether you’ve obtained a permit. If you’re caught without one, your project will be shut down until you get one. What’s more, you could face a hefty fine for ignoring the law. You may think you’re saving time and money by not getting a permit, but you’ll likely end up spending more of both in the end! By working with permit expediters in the first place, you’ll save time and won’t have to pay fines.
  2. You may have to start over
    If you aren’t caught during the construction process, you might think you’re home free. But you can still be found out later and face even worse ramifications. Say you’re selling your home or an inspector comes through well after work has been completed. If your work isn’t up to code, you’ll likely have to redo the entire thing at your own cost, whether it was originally your own work or that of a shady contractor. Shoddy work will also make buyers run away or could cost you quite a bit in the sale of your home. It’ll cost you a lot more money and time to do the work twice. It’s much better to hire a permit expediter and make sure it’s done right the first time.
  3. You’ll compromise your family’s safety
    The biggest risk you take with avoiding the permit process isn’t a fine or project delays. It’s that you could be putting your family (or future occupants of your home) in danger. Bad wiring, unsafe decks, poor plumbing, and countless other wrong renovations can be a huge safety hazard. And if the work wasn’t done correctly, it will likely impact any insurance claim you try to file if someone gets hurt. Ultimately, saving a little bit of money and time up front isn’t worth sacrificing your family’s well-being.

Don’t take an unnecessary risk with your renovation. If you’re looking to save time and money, avoiding getting a permit isn’t the way to do it. Instead, you should work with reputable permit expediters to speed up the process. That way, you can enjoy your completed project more quickly and have peace of mind.