Roofing Permits


Trusted Partner

At any given moment, our roofing partners could be responding to national & catastrophic weather events taking care of and relieving home owners and business owners of insurance-related repairs.We assist roofers by providing fast and reliable permit services to ensure repairs, rebuilds and restorations are completed with the utmost integrity as quickly as possible.

We save time, money and heartache by streamlining the submittal process, offering same-day submittals in most cases.
We follow through with all of the municipalities and have a national presence and knowledge of jurisdictional requirements throughout the country.

We ensure the permits are issued and delivered in the most efficient and timely manner.

We do this work, so our roofing partners can do their work.

Innovative Technology

We ensure accuracy and efficiency through our innovative cloud-based technology.

Our proprietary database with national jurisdictional submittal and code requirements allows us to serve as a subject matter expert and resource to our customers. There’s no need to call the building department again!

We have streamlined the submittal process and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Our online technology allows for improved productivity for our customers – all work orders can be submitted online, contractor information stored securely and projects are tracked accurately.

We consolidate fees and track all invoices and permits, often customizing reports and documentation according to customers’ needs and specifications.

We’ve invested in the technology to support all aspects of the permit process from start to finish.

Fast Response

Our company takes pride in our innovative, accurate and fast submittal process.

We gather all customer information electronically, securely store and accurately transfer required information to permit applications.

We provide the highest quality customer service by assigning customer advocates to each customer to take projects on from start to finish.

Our timely response rate and turn around time has led our customers to come to us over and over again. We take pride in the investments we’ve made in customer service, technology and industry knowledge.

We do this work, so you can do your work.
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