Baltimore Building Permits Expediter and Licenses


Why Hire Us?
Scout Services is a well-respected permit expediter who helps companies get Baltimore City building permits or Baltimore County building permits quickly and promptly. We have been in the business long enough to know the permit process can have a severe impact on your construction projects and timelines. You don’t want to waste your time gathering information and paperwork only to have it declined. This can delay your project start time and cost you more in application fees. The application process can differ and vary substantially depending on the area. That’s where Scout Services come in.     
Scout Services will collect all necessary information and ensure that your building request will be done correctly and quickly. We are knowledgeable about getting both Baltimore and Baltimore County building permits processed quickly. We have a streamlined process that is proven to work. Scout designates a permit expert and customer service advocate so you’ll constantly be in the know. Our team will gather all information needed for the permit process. After that, sit back and focus your attention on other more important tasks for your project. We work with our clients to get the quickest response to their application, and we keep track of the progress with our cloud based system. This system stores contractor information, which saves time in case you work with Scout Services again in the future.   
Scout Services will free up time and money for you by taking on the responsibility of acquiring the construction permit for you. Don’t waste your time worrying about that Baltimore city building permit because we have it covered! 
Baltimore Area Permits
In obtaining a Baltimore city building permit, there may be some hoops to jump through. For time sensitive projects, we understand that every minute counts. Deadlines can start to creep up when confusing paperwork and application forms start to be a burden. That’s where Scout Services comes in. We are very knowledgeable about the different ins and outs of Baltimore’s building permit requirements. For example, one must have two sets of signed construction plans, different review plans, and much more. Don’t waste your time attempting to learn the intricate process yourself. Let Scout Services help – we are the permit expediting experts.   
Not only do we handle Baltimore county building permits and its surrounding areas, we also do environmental, electrical permits, roofing permits, and plumbing permits. Call us today so we can get your project off the ground running! Our phone number is 1-888-504-3888 or feel free to visit us online at 
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